Monday, April 18, 2016 - Money Recovery Business in a Box

Just want to bring people's attention to this website:-

I put down a deposit for the business they were selling and went through HELL to get it back when it didn't work out. Their refund policy is a joke and their reviews make me wish I checked before putting down my money. Just a heads up
Had a friend of mine link me to a website called '' and ask me my opinion seeing as I'd had dealing with the owner of said website a few years ago.

Frank Kaslik  was a real estate guru, and was getting people to invest in his a real estate investment ‘program’ that would supposedly have me debt free in under a decade.
Took a little digging, but I found out that this guy had NEVER sold his program before, nor had he ever done real estate to the extent he claimed.
Not really interested in his latest gimmick, just wanted to let folks know what he's tried to pull in the past.

Thursday, March 17, 2016 is NEWCASTLE SCAMMER

I've been scammed twice before, once when I was MUCH younger, once when I thought I was MUCH wiser and since the second incident I've lurked these forum boards to see what I can do to help others avoid my mistakes.

Key points;      1; Try to find Positive Feedback
                       2; Try to find Negative Feedback
                       3; Weigh both sides up and decide where you want to put your money.
Couldn't find much in the way of positive feedback beyond the testimonials on his website (which the negative feedback has pointed out are actually actors from Fiverr)

Most comments are a little illegible, but I did manage to find this link on;
I know it's an American website, but the author seems to be an Australian and it actually got a reply from the Frank Kaslik that runs the business you are discussing, which then got dissected again by the author.  Bit of a personal shit fight, but it doeshave some eyebrow raisers for anyone interested in purchasing this.
That's his zoominfo page and it looks like he was doing realestate before he started trying to sell recovery business  guides.

His testimonials are given by actresses on fiverr. The guy then went and defended in a rebuttal on a scam report website saying 'It's what insurance companies do'.
My advice; If he can't find any of his real customers willing to make a testimonial to his MRBIB package, then don't line up any time soon.

Money Recovery Business in a Box sound promising......but it's owned by someone who is described on other forums as the 'NEWCASTLE SCAMMER'.

Monday, February 29, 2016 scammed $12000

Hello Everyone's

Today I am  writing  this blog so that we all have awareness of scammers like Frank Kaslik owner of website (Money Recovery Business in Box ) In January I decided to go with new money recovery business. I found a website called and they explained me about 'Money Recovery Business in a Box'.

He sold me business system called "My Recovery Business in a Box" but its totally fake and scammed me more then $12000.

I checked reviews and saw there have been dozens of negative comments on American websites about this scammer.

Check below link how scammed dozens